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Hi my name is David mackinnon

When I first started gong to stepping stones i was very depressed & had nobody to talk to, I didn't know there was support in Thurso.  I am far happier now,  they've helped me out so much.I now realize I'm not the only one who has a mental health problem I think both of the centers are very good for Caithness, the staff are very happy to support users when they need to talk, they are very good listeners .

Both centers are great for the area and they've helped a lot of people out over the years I wish they had one on Skye for people who were in my situation.


My name is June

I have been attending The Haven in Wick for nearly two & a half years now, It is the best place to go along for a chat a cup of Tea & a snack, meeting new people nearly every day, there is so much to do, Pool Table, assorted games, TV Room or just relaxing in the quiet room there are also very interesting art classes with Steph.

I really enjoy helping at thrift shops & doing raffles all to help raise money for The Haven & groups like them. I go to The Haven most days of the week as I enjoy the company, all the staff are very helpful & understanding & are there if you just need somebody to talk to so don't just be lonely just pop along to The Haven in Wick & have an enjoyable day, I look forward to seeing some new faces Yours June

Linda Evans

Being diagnosed with any mental illness can make you feel like you're the only one, isolating and throwing my confidence, it made me feel worthless & inadequate. Medication doesn't suit everybody.

Things going on in life often don't help much either.

Both centres are places I've found are places where you can go without fear of being judged by anybody, Stepping Stones & The Haven are both open seven days a week, 365 days a year you can talk to the staff in confidence in a safe environment.

Once you get to know the users and staff in the centers it's like making new friends, both places have pool rooms and games like Scrabble & Dominoes, they also practice crafts like Pottery and Painting,

Both Stepping Stones & The Haven serve snacks, soft drinks & hot meals. The centers are welcoming to anybody who has a mental health problem.

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