anxiety can be defined as worry or apprehension about bad things that could potentially happen. While everyone has some anxiety at times, an anxiety disorder is excessive and irrational worry that affects a person's everyday functioning in a negative way.

Everyday ups & downs are much more challenging when you have an anxiety disorder & it can cause problems with work,  home life & social life.

Anxiety disorders cause excessive stress & worry not only to the sufferer but also to the people around them. Living with someone who has an anxiety disorder is a challenge in itself

Feelings of sadness are a normal reaction to life’s problems or disappointments, but if sadness lasts longer than two weeks and affects your work, studies, or day-to-day activities, it may represent a medical condition called depression.

Depression is a serious mood disorder. It can take different forms, but is typically characterized by feelings of sadness, helplessness, hopelessness, & worthlessness. People with depression may describe feeling empty, angry, aggressive, or restless.

Depression can begin at any age, although it’s most commonly diagnosed during the early adult years. Symptoms may appear gradually over several weeks or months but can also appear suddenly.

Mental Health affects us all. How we think & feel about ourselves & our lives impacts on our behaviour & how we cope in tough times.

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