The Haven & Stepping Stepping Projects

In December 2016, The Haven began to create new storage space to display the user's artwork.

We will keep you all up to date on its progress

The first Photo is the old look


The second photo will be the new look


The third photo is complete work (final photo)


The Stepping Stones Project is under the The Haven Photos

The new Look

The Haven work is complete


this is the final photo 

Stepping Stones Project, The new Pottery shed started to build in August 2016.

building was completed in September 2017.


There will be four more photos of the user's pottery work & finished project from the users

Stage 1 The shed footprint

Stage 3 The sides going up

Stage 5 Inside of the building

Stage 7 Doors & Windows installed

Stage 2 Concreting floor & membrain

Stage 4 Skeleton of the building

Stage 6 Walls completed, roof on

Stage 8 The kiln installed

Stage 9 The shed ready for pottery use

Stage 10 Photo of the management, staff & users for the official openimg

Pottery work by Stepping Stones users

Hand made pottery decorations for xmas

Thrown on the pottery wheel by user

Slip Cast Serving platter and bowl, both limited pieces of work in progress

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