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The following pieces of poetry are based on my own experiences of having mental health problems which I have suffered from since the age of sixteen years old.  I also try to explore the causes and consequences of mental health issues more generally while attempting to demonstrate that these obstacles, with the correct help and with time can be overcome.

The Void

Depression is loss of the soul.

Depression is never having a goal.

Depression is losing the will to live.

Depression is having no more to give.

Depression is cruel and unfair.

Depression says i don't care.

Depression is existence stripped bare.


All emotions are blocked,

stuck in my throat like phlegm,

thick and congested thoughts

All of my feelings locked away.

Cold and unfeeling, sucked up and spat out

Isolation is self-imposed, my soul arrested.

Thoughts of me

My thoughts and feelings are barren,

like a dried up river bed or a desert

left reeling by things in my past, and now.

The person whom I want to be has slipped away

something unknown inside me has died

and there’s nothing I can do,

I'd fix it if I knew how


Words and Actions cause me alarm

Words and Actions make me self-harm

Words and Actions always unfair

Words and Actions show you don't care

What you've inflicted I'll never share

Forever and always I'll hide my pain

Forever and always to drive me insane

Words and Actions inflicted by you

Staying with me my whole life through

by Neil Power

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